Our journey as Lunas Collective took a significant stride in creating awareness and fostering positive change during the United Nations’ 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

On December 5, 2020, we orchestrated our inaugural #DearSurvivor even – a virtual space where survivors and allies converged to delve into the impact of gender-based violence, discrimination, and the critical need for survivor-centered responses.

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, which happened from November 25 to December 10, mobilized global communities to combat one of humanity’s pressing issues: violence against women.

On our founding year, we seized the opportunity to provide a platform for survivors to share their experiences while allies extended their unwavering support.

Our event showcased an exceptional lineup of speakers and contributors. The courageous Rosem Morton shared her own journey, inspiring attendees to embrace their narratives and commence the healing process. Sabrina Gacad, our Founder and a Professor of Women and Development Studies at UP Diliman, steered conversations on privilege, intersectionality, and crafting empathetic responses to gender-based violence.

Sabrina led participants through a transformative breathing and connecting ritual, shifting from emotional discussions to a space of unity and empowerment. This unique approach fostered a sense of togetherness, reassuring participants that their struggles are not solitary, reinforcing their pursuit of justice.

In addition to our esteemed speakers, a dedicated panel contributed significantly to the event’s success. Shebana Alqaseer, co-founder of the Young Feminists Collective, emphasized gender and human rights. Danna Aduna, a volunteer manager of Lunas Collective since its inception in March 2020, offered valuable insights. Ellie De Castro, a National Geographic Explorer and archaeologist, discussed safer research spaces, while Viola Torres, handling gender-sensitive psychosocial assistance at the UP Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, contributed her expertise.

The collaborative support of esteemed partners such as Australia Global Alumni, FamiLigtas, UP Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, and many others elevated the impact of our #DearSurvivor event, solidifying its position as a catalyst in the fight against gender-based violence.

At Lunas Collective, we remain dedicated to advocating for a world free from violence and discrimination. Our inaugural #DearSurvivor event marked a significant stride towards this vision. By establishing a platform for voices to resonate, stories to be shared, and healing to begin, we’ve made a monumental move towards a safer, more equitable world for all.

Key insights from our #DearSurvivor event, visualized by Claudine Delfin:

Privilege Walk
Participants examined their personal privileges through a virtual check-in.

Some challenges related to experiences of gender based violence included the survivors’ distrust in the system, highlighting the importance of communities and allies in providing essential support.

The private sharing circles brought forth keywords like guilt, fear, low self-esteem, emphasizing the need for empathetic listening and empowering survivors.

Another key insight in the sharing circles was survivors’ need for empathetic listening and empathy – emphasizing community building and recognizing survivors’ strength, and the role of allies in supporting survivors and letting them reclaim their space.

As part of the closing activity, some participants and panel members gave their words of affirmation, starting with the phrase, “Dear Survivor.”


We at Lunas Collective remain committed to championing change, amplifying voices, and building a world where every individual thrives without fear or discrimination.


Watch the online streaming here: #DearSurvivor 2020