Our Guiding Principles

Lunas Collective Feminist Care

We believe in a few key principles that help us provide the best possible care for people who have experienced gender based violence or sexual and reproductive health issues.


Discussing gender based violence and sensitive sexual and reproductive health matters may be difficult. Our volunteers prioritize active listening, creating a judgment-free safe, private, and confidential environment for the storyteller.


We recognize that everyone’s experiences are different and are shaped by things like gender, class, race, and more. We understand that these factors make things challenging, and our volunteers are trained to understand and respect the storyteller’s unique story.


Our volunteers prioritize self-care to be emotionally and mentally ready to support storytellers and other peers. We affirm storytellers that no one is to blame for their situation and that their stories matter. In our care space, we also share coping strategies with our peers. 

Autonomy & Action Plan

We respect everyone’s choices and decisions, and value each person’s autonomy. When discussing care options, our volunteers provide information to help storytellers make informed and safe decisions for themselves.

Safety & Social Support

We provide information about law enforcement, reproductive health, mental health, and legal services. We also help people connect with support from their personal or social networks – assuring storytellers that they are not alone.

These principles were designed to be adapted to suit the scope and services of other organizations.

If you are interested in developing your team’s capabilities using this approach, we offer learning sessions to help you achieve that.

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