Bike & Landi: Merging Joyful Cycling with Meaningful Conversations on Consent and Pleasure

Photo Credit: Markuss Javier

In a unique fusion of fun and feminism, Lunas Collective’s Chief Operations Officer, Jeza Rodriguez, recently organized “Bike & Landi,” an activity that combined cycling with insightful discussions on gender and social norms and intimate relationships.

Held on February 24, 2024, this event aimed to create a safe and inclusive space for participants to meet new people, learn about bike repair, and engage in conversations about “landi” in the context of pleasure and consent.

What started as an idea during Jeza’s 10-day meditation quickly became a reality, with Bike & Landi becoming a platform to test the concept of merging the joy of cycling with discussions around unfair social norms.

Photo Credit: Markuss Javier

Starting from Centris Station in Quezon City, participants embarked on a community ride, stopping at the Dangwa Flower Market for a delightful flower shopping experience. The ride culminated at the UP Diliman Lagoon, where Sabrina Gacad, Lunas Collective's Founder, led a relaxed and engaging conversation on consent and pleasure.

Supported by Tambay Cycling Hub, Budol Buddy, Bikeary, Krebs Cycle, and Make it Safer Movement, Bike & Landi attracted a diverse group of participants, including families and first-time bike commuters. The event received overwhelming support, with participants praising its unique blend of fun and meaningful dialogue.

Photo Credit: Markuss Javier

One of the highlights of Bike & Landi was a speed dating component, where participants engaged in micro   conversations on topics related to desire, safety, and connection . This added a new dimension to the event, allowing participants to connect on a deeper level and further fostering a sense of community.

Photo Credit: Jeza Rodriguez

"The feedback from participants has been heartwarming, with many expressing how much they enjoyed the event, the lessons they took away, and the connections they made,” Jeza highlighted in her Instagram post.

Photo Credit: Markuss Javier

The success of Bike & Landi exemplifies Lunas Collective's commitment to creating safer spaces and promoting respect for boundaries and consent. As an organization, we are incredibly proud of Jeza for her vision and dedication in organizing this event.

We look forward to more activities that challenge social norms and foster inclusivity and empowerment within our community!

Jeza Rodriguez is a board-certified psychometrician, development worker, and feminist youth leader, currently serving as the Chief Operations Officer of Lunas Collective. With a strong commitment to advocacy, Jeza is known for her work in creating safe spaces and promoting pleasure activism. Beyond Lunas Collective, Jeza is an organizer and leader in her communities, enhancing her craft as a bike mechanic while dedicating herself to inclusivity and empowerment. Connect with her on Instragram (@jezarodz) or via [email protected].

#DearSurvivor 2023 and our Practice of Radical Love and Care to End GBV

The 18-Day campaign to End Violence Against Women is a vital period of activism for gender justice, and we at Lunas Collective are sharing the heartfelt highlights of our work promoting radical love and care for all.

Photo Credit: Tiara Imperial

Our work in the 18 days of activism demonstrates our commitment to establishing safe spaces and making an inclusive world free from gender based violence and discrimination a reality. where each and everyBODY can celebrate and express their diverse pleasures!

Our involvement commenced on November 24, as we participated in the #Safecity Caravan to End VAW led by Bayi Inc. and Safecity. As a partner organization, Lunas Collective joined the call for the urgent need for safe spaces for all. Our Helpline Manager, Joey Bernabe, co-hosted this event while our Director of Communications, Ria Landingin, joined the solidarity ride from the Quezon City Memorial Circle to the Commission on Human Rights.


Photo Credit: Michael Varcas, Philippine Star

The event drew the presence of influential figures such as Senator Risa Hontiveros, Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Atty. Richard Palpal-latoc, UN Women Philippines Country Programme Coordinator Rosalyn Mesina, along with numerous organizations, advocates, bikers, VESPA riders, and government champions.

Photo Credit: Office of Senator Risa Hontiveros

Following this impactful event, Lunas Collective was honored to attend the reception hosted by the British Embassy on November 30, 2023, commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence.

Photo Credit: British Embassy Manila

This gathering served as a platform for reflection, uniting guests from various women's rights organizations, activists, private sector, and government officials to collectively ponder on our progress and the continued journey towards a safer and fairer nation.

Photo Credit: British Embassy Manila

We also participated in UP-CIFAL's forum and fair titled "Leading Safe Spaces: The Role of Good Governance in Ending Violence Against Women." Here, the discourse revolved around the current status of GBV in the Philippines, existing laws, policies, and the crucial role of good governance in eradicating gender-based violence.

Our Founder, Sabrina Gacad, contributed significantly to the panel discussions, emphasizing the importance of care work, collective action, and the challenges faced by non-profits and civil society organizations in community building and organizing efforts.

Photo Credit: UP-CIFAL

The pinnacle of our campaign was our annual flagship event, Dear Survivor, with the theme, "Canvas of Courage: Ang Love and Care, Dasurv!" This poignant gathering brought together people with lived experiences of gender based violence, storytellers, and allies to find safety and care through our community. The event is solidarity in action, supporting participants in making meaningful connections through private sharing circles facilitated by our dedicated volunteers and through a healing-with-art workshop guided by Teacher Liz Rañola. Here, survivors and allies coalesced in a safe space, nurturing one another's vulnerabilities and finding a semblance of healing through art.

Photo Credit: Tiara Imperial

Watch the highlights from this event here: #DearSurvivor 2023

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rappler and Pia Ranada for featuring our Founder and the Collective on the "Be the Good" series' second episode. This platform provided us with an invaluable space to amplify our work and encourage people to get involved in providing survivors a safe platform to share their stories and reclaim their power towards healing, safety, and justice.

Screengrab from: Rappler

As we reflect on these impactful moments, we see a vibrant tapestry painted by our community of care—a tapestry woven with courage, care, and unwavering commitment. Together, we continue our journey towards a world where safety, pleasure, and equity prevail for all.

Share the Care Campaign: Advocating for Safe Spaces and Empowerment

In an effort to address challenges faced in public spaces, we at Lunas Collective launched the “Share the Care” campaign aimed at promoting safe environments, combating street harassment, and fostering solidarity among diverse communities.

This support and empowerment campaign was launched in collaboration with esteemed partners like the Commission on Human Rights - Gender Equality and Women's Human Rights Center, Lakbike, and the Pinay Bike Commuter Community.

The campaign, which was held from October to December 2021, kicked off with a learning session to discuss street safety measures, harassment reporting mechanisms, and the pivotal role of bystanders. This virtual session held on October 14 laid the groundwork for the campaign's ethos of equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to navigate potential dangers on the streets. (Watch the October 14 Learning Session here)

One of our campaign's pivotal moments was the launch of the Bawal Bastos Reporting platform by the Commission on Human Rights on October 25. This platform, dedicated to reporting Safe Spaces Act violations, stood as a significant milestone in creating avenues for individuals to voice their experiences and seek recourse against harassment and discrimination.
(Watch CHR’s October 25 Bawal Bastos Reporting Platform Launch here)


We further bolstered our advocacy through the introduction of the Share the Care merch kit. This thoughtful collection, which included things like the "Bawal Bastos" drifit shirt, the Pinay Bike Commuter "Kababikeihan" face mask, and stickers from LakBike and CHR, served as tangible symbols of solidarity and support for the cause.

Central to the campaign was the 18km for Safe Spaces call to action, an initiative that echoed the collective commitment to acknowledging and addressing gender-based violence, discrimination, and abuse. Through this, we emphasized the importance of fostering spaces imbued with care and compassion, providing vital support for survivors on their journey toward healing, justice, and empowerment.

Aligned with the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women, we also organized #DearSurvivor 2021, a poignant online discussion held on December 6. This event provided a platform for survivors, allies, and supporters to share experiences of gender-based violence in both physical and digital realms. Esteemed guests and partners joined in, enriching the dialogue and emphasizing the shared responsibility in creating safe and inclusive environments.
(Watch #DearSurvivor 2021: A Discussion on GBV in Public and Online Spaces here)

The campaign underscored the diverse experiences individuals face regarding gender-based violence, harassment, and discrimination. However, it also highlighted the power of collective action and solidarity. We, along with our partners and allies, reaffirmed our commitment to advocating for safe spaces and #SharingTheCare, both on the streets and online. 

As the campaign drew to a close, we expressed gratitude to all participants, recognizing their invaluable contributions in driving meaningful change. The call for equality and safe spaces for everyone echoes beyond the campaign's duration, standing as a testament to our enduring commitment.

Catch highlights of the Share the Care campaign here: Share the Care Campaign 2021

Reflecting on #DearSurvivor 2021: An Overview of Gender Based Violence Discussion and Safe Spaces

Our #DearSurvivor 2021 event was an insightful online discussion shedding light on gender-based violence (GBV) and the need for safe spaces and support for survivors.

Understanding how to create safe spaces as a bystander is crucial. It's about caring for survivors, helping them start their journey towards healing and justice, which isn't easy given the challenges they face.

We believe in empathy and support as the key to empowering survivors. Sharing experiences of GBV, discrimination, or abuse is tough, and seeking help can be even tougher.

Sabrina Gacad, Founder of Lunas Collective, covered topics on GBV, emphasizing the importance of active listening, understanding, and providing support to survivors.

Participants in private sharing circles found solidarity in discussing their experiences and shared struggles.

During the panel discussion, it was clear that harassment can happen to anyone, anywhere. The focus was on not making excuses for perpetrators and intervening as bystanders in public spaces using tactics like distraction, delegation, delay, direct action, and documentation.

The discussion also highlighted the Safe Spaces Act in the Philippines, showing the legal support available for survivors everywhere.

DearSurvivor 2021 was a powerful reminder of the need to understand, support, and take action against GBV. Let's continue these conversations and efforts to create a world free from gender-based violence.

Watch the online streaming here: #DearSurvivor 2021